Goshen Art Gallery (Biz Reg No: T15LL0913B)

Opening hours 11.00am to 9.00pm Daily at Millenia Walk.

Goshen Art Gallery has a rich heritage in art curation and as a passionate art collector. We bridge cultures, philosophies, beliefs, messages and imagination through fine paintings, sculptures and art installations. 

Our mission to bring art appreciation to a wider audience by advocating the global need to recognise, represent, nurture and cultivate artists and craftsmen requires us to continuously adapt to the changing art scene without losing sight of our values and principles.

We constantly innovate to present our collectors and corporations with a heightened experience through our art services. These include:

  • Art Exhibitions
  • Art Investment Consultation
  • Art Leasing (short/long term)
  • Art Workshops, Courses and Corporate Events
  • Commissioning of Paintings, Sculptures and Wall Design
  • Art Storage and Insurance
  • Art Sponsorship

We also believe in nurturing promising local and international talents to provide a platform for them to reach their audiences.

Goshen Art Gallery is proud to be able to enrich the community with valuable art works and to be a trusted consultant for our clients.