About The Artist

Chen Lian Jun graduated from the Luxun Academy of Fine Art in 1986. Two years later Chen successfully applied to the Central Art Academy in Beijing for the postgraduate study of an associate lecturer’s course. Chen was an appointed artist at the Liaoning Art Academy. Currently, as a member of the Chinese Artist Association and the Chinese Plate Etching Art Society, the oil painter is also an associate professor of the Liaoning Fushun Educational College.

His works were exhibited in some major art exhibitions such as the 7th and 8th National Art Exhibitions; the Sceneries of China Art Exhibition; and the Asia Art Exhibition in Japan, among others. He has also done three solo exhibitions in Singapore. His “Beiguo Jiangnan” Oil Painting Exhibition was held in the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre; he simultaneously published an art book Oils by Chen Lian Jun. Collectors of Chen’s art include art museums, private organisations and individuals. The Government of China has accredited the artist twice with prominent cultural awards for his remarkable contributions to the art community and his professional achievements. Certainly, Chen is one of the most influential realistic style oil painters in contemporary China.

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