About The Artist

Mr. Khan Siong Ann’s artworks varies in technique and medium such as oil painting, Chinese ink and watercolor, and along with the variety of themes he provided such as social gatherings, scenic records, lifestyle and nudes. Over time his art series became an extensive scale of visual indulgence.

Born in 1942, Khan originates from Chao Yang province in Guangdong. After graduation from high school, Khan went on to study arts in NAFA of Singapore, of which he graduated in 1967. Having keen interested in French artistic style and technique, he embark on journey to Paris and took him 15 years of hard work and determination to master the artistic style of French painting. During those years he also continue to practice his watercolor and calligraphy of which he managed to sell for his source of income during the stay in Paris.

In 1989, he returned to Singapore and had since took part in numerous group exhibitions. He is also active in cultural exchange programs with Malaysia. In 2010 he was invited by the Chinese Government to take part in the 60th National Celebration in conjunction with Shanghai Expo opening. His works were also enlisted as “Artworks from popular Chinese Artist” and curated for postal stamp printing as well. Until today, 2nd generation artist Mr Khan remains popular in Singapore art scene, and his artworks continued to be sought after by many private investors.

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