About The Artist

Ng Yak Whee is an urban artist who translates life’s vicissitudes into ever-changing landscapes.

Looking at Ng Yak Whee’s paintings, one is transported to a mystical and radiant world pulsating with the rhythm of life and exuding with introspection, movement and musicality.

Every painting is part of the artist’s life. It embodies his dreams, hopes and memories.

Yak Whee loves poetry. His paintings are imbued with a gentle, poetic temperament that is like his own personality-gregarious yet maintaining a quiet and elegant disposition.

Yak Whee has won many accolades- Overall  Winner of IBM Art Award, 1st Prize Winner of OUB Painting of the year, Silver Medal in Salon des Artistes Francois, Paris, Distinction Award in Kyoto International Art Exhibition and Dr Tan Tze Chor Art Awards.

Yak Whee paintings and sculptures are in the collection of Singapore Art Museum, Singapore National Art Gallery, Fukuoka Art Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, and many private and corporates companies.

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