About The Artist

Sun Yin Sheng, born in Changchun, Jilin province. He worked as a film artist at Changchun Film Studio, Gouache, woodcut, water color painting and oil painting are his specialities. He is a member of China Artists’ Association, a member of the China Wood Painting Artists’ Association, and a member of US Photographers’ Association.

1979 – Woodcut work “Early S”, collected by China Art Gallery.
1991 – Woodcut show held in Kobe, Japan.
1992 – Won International Gold Medal, issued by Japan International Woodcut Research Association.
1993 – Works selected by 38th CWAJ International Contemporary Woodcut Show.
1994 – Held personal shows in Tokyo, Kobe Serdai, Kyoto.
1995 – Held personal shows in Serdai. Exhibition of modern Chinese Painting.
1996 – Held personal Woodcut shows in Serdai, Japan.
Works selected by 41st CWAJ International Contemporry Woodcut Show.
Published (Sun Yinsheng Woodcut Collections) in Hong Kong.
1998 – Works selected for Chinese Modern Painting Show held in Kolon, Germany.
Migrated to US as an outstanding artist.
As international man of the Year 1997-1998, selected by The International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England.
1999 – Held woodcut, water colow show in LA, US.
2005 – Obtained US Nationality.