About The Artist

Tan Choo Kai is one of the few prolific painters who has been painting and teaching tirelessly after his retirement. His output demostrates his diligence, his truthfulness to his artistic vision.

Choo Kai is best at oils and well-known for landscapes of various places and countries. Be it towering mountains, wilderness of ice and snow or desolate countryside and woods, he is able to present his landscapes in the most harmonious colours using skilled brush strokes or knife work, thereby holding viewers captive to his ‘artistic languange’.

Since his retirement in 1997 from Nanyang Girl’s High School as HOD of Art, Choo Kai has travelled extensively to capture beautiful scenery with his camera. And he also does plein art painting and sketching. Not bounded by accuracy of physical form, he paints from images of beautiful landscapes committed from memory. This reflects the sayings of China’s pioneer painter Wu Dayu: “Being subservient to the physical form does not help to capture the artistic image. Real beauty exists between the physical form and the mental image.” He is able to blend the natural elements to create a painting with a supreme sense of beauty.

Having striven diligently in the art world for half a century, Choo Kai has established a style of his own which blends the hallmarks of his revered teacher, Yap Chi Wei, namely the colouring techniques of expressionism and the pursuit of aesthetics.

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