About The Artist

Born 1963 in Guiyang, Mr. Tan Ruirong has lived in Singapore for 25 years. He is currently the editor-in-chief of Singapore’s “源” Magazine, a mainstream Chinese language magazine in Singapore; lecturer with Singapore University of Social Sciences(SUSS), committee member of Federation of Arts Societies (Singapore) and Singapore Literature Society,Vice chairman of Arts Theatre of Singapore Ltd, judge for several national writing competitions including “Singapore Tertiary Chinese Literature Awards” and “Annual Outstanding Literary Award”, as well as editorial consultant to “新加坡 Arts” magazine.

Mr. Tan Ruirong began to study painting at the age of 11 and was the first university student to enter the Guizhou Art School (now the School of Music of Guizhou University) after resuming the college entrance examination in 1977. He was later admitted to the graduate school of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Normal University.

Mr. Tan’s works reflect the combination of books and paintings, ancient and modern. The style of painting has a strong oriental color. At the same time, it absorbs a lot of Western painting techniques and integrates various cultures. The style is fresh and elegant. His “glyph painting” literacy method uses the external space form of simplified Chinese characters as the object of shaping, and uses the Chinese traditional element to process pictures through modern art means, providing the audiences with the opportunity to learn Chinese characters as they enjoyed his paintings. The works are full of Nanyang style, leaving a space for infinite imagination.

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