Goshen Art Gallery embarks on artistic explorations of abstraction and elegant disposition, as seen through the eyes of 3 contemporary artists. “enraptured” comprises contemporary artworks executed by the 3 artists in recent times. They are Singaporean artist Ng Yak Whee and HockAnn-Lim aka HALim, and British-born José Martinez a.k.a Manx.

The exhibition will present over 30 pieces of artworks by these 3 remarkable artists; of whom have travelled widely and won many international awards. “Enraptured” explores creativity, ideas and personas of these artists pertaining to their encounters of personal histories, identities, and meaning of life. The colours employed are mostly vibrant and arresting, and they reflect keenly the mood of these artists when creating them.

Their works continue to enrupture the artists’ community and the art collectors worldwide.