Visual Artist Enrique Cachero Jr. presents a collection of paintings representing images of his Asian heritage fused with the western influences of his country’s cultural past. In his Impressions of Heritage collection, he presents mixed media artworks – acrylic, oil, pen & ink, of images themed in groups: Kalesa, the horse carriage introduced by Spanish colonials; Bahay Kubo or nipa hut, the rural Filipino dwelling of palm leaf and bamboo and life in the country; Mother & Child; Vintage Transport, transport of both elite and regular folks from the past till present; Lacquer, influenced by the lacquer art of China, Japan and other trading partners of the Philippines.

Enrique Cachero Jr. was born in 1953, completed a Fine Arts degree in the University of Santo Tomas the oldest extant university in Asia. Eric’s professional career spanned more than 30 years focused on creative arts for commercial advertising. Now he has gained various recognitions for his creative works both in painting and advertising arts through the years.