“Time/Out” is a special exhibition not only because of the themed subject but also the choice of medium by Singaporean artist May Oon.

In the 1800s Singapore, Chinese coolies arrived to seek a living – they were involved in hard labour, and suffered much hardship. These workers gave this country the manpower needed to create the foundations that enabled Singapore to grow from third world to first.

Oon wanted her works to act as an instigator for reflection, and in TIME/OUT she hopes to remind Singaporeans of their migrant roots and pays tribute to these unsung heroes. Most of the works depict the lives of coolies in the 1800s and early 1900s.

The charm and allure of Oon’s latest works come from how easily her medium and subject matter dovetail together; Charcoal and oil on jute.

This exhibition presents 14 pieces of her most symbolic paintings in recent times.