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BEHOLD – An Exhibition by Zoe Tian

Saturday, April 13th, 2019

About the Artist

Zoe graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Fine Arts, with distinction. She received NAFA scholarship for her 3 years of diploma studies. Struggling to find an identity in her art, she was constantly battling between doing paintings that are fully expressing who Christ is to her, and to do paintings that most people can accept,. Then one day, on her trip to Israel, one of her dear friends showed her an art gallery there. She smelled the oil paint and saw some prophetic paintings. And she was very inspired and led by the Lord to start painting again.

When she started painting, flow after flow of visions and inspiration came from the Lord. She did not need to think or feel inspired what to paint again. The flow comes in, and sometimes even faster than she can finish her paintings.

Zoe’s style of painting is incompleteness in completeness. She likes to leave unfinished touches so that viewers can go in depth into her paintings and invoke the feelings and emotions along with her works.


Behold Exhibition

In this world where there are so many things to behold. Behold simply means to see or observe someone or something, especially of remarkable or impressive nature.

When storm arises, what do we focus on?

Naturally we will focus on the storm and observe it every which way it is, perhaps even goggle the worse that can happen.

What about doing the supernatural?

The supernatural is to behold Jesus. When all things seem to fall apart, still behold Jesus.

In the exhibition, one of the paintings that Zoe painted is Lion of Judah. Judah means praise.

In this painting, the lion is very calm and facing the giant wave approaching in absolute calm. When our Lion of Judah is in control of the situation, waves upon waves of storms will turn into waves upon waves of grace.

Behold Jesus and His finished work.

Over here 15 pieces of her most recent works are on display and for sale.

Events Time:

11th April 2019 - 28th April 2019


7 Fraser Street, DUO Galleria,


Singapore 189356.

Operating hours:

11 am – 6pm daily