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Jan Camerone

Born: 1948
Hometown: Indonesia
Lives and Works: Indonesia

Jan Camerone was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 5th December 1948, Since his childhood, he showed his love in drawing. He began his education in art as an apprentice of Mr. M.Toha, the place painter of President Soekarno’s era at that time. In the beginning he demonstrated his talent as a champion in several painting competitions in Elementary School, Junior High School and Senior High School level of Jakarta.

After finishing his school education he decided to continue his studies in West Germany. Having studied Art of Painting on realism, impressionism, and surrealism, he graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Germany (Akademie  der Bildenden Kunste Munschen) . Following , he made a study tour around France and the Netherlands and also held Solo Exhibitions in Munich and Frankfurt, Germany.

After having lived abroad for almost a decade, he decided returning to his hometown, Jakarta. There, in the south of Jakarta, he established an advertising agency, which he ran as the art director. After a period of more than 20 years of managing to keep his creativity and being productive he finally decided to retire and turn to a full time artist.

Currently, if not being at his workshop creating more wonderful paintings, Jan Camerone spends most of his time travelling, while also being active in many major art exhibition in Jakarta.

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