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Goshen Art Gallery has been a trusted brand in the art industry. Having worked with different VWOs, NGOs, Government and private sectors for years, Goshen is an entrusted partner for many big and small projects. Speak to us at info@goshenartgallery.com about your requirements and we are happy to embark on this journey with you.


Goshen is a platform that provides a talented pool of artists from diverse nationalities and background. For every artwork sold, our artists earn royalties, and part proceeds get channeled to social enterprise to support artists with autism and disabilities. We partner corporates, schools, charities, brands, retailers and other businesses to maximise their brand equity and showcase these artists’ talents.


We provide creative and engaging workshops and programmes for corporates who wishes to maximise their CSR efforts. Having alliances in community and social giving spaces, we help to align corporate giving efforts with community needs, thereby creating maximum impact for beneficiaries.


Goshen Art Gallery helps to manage, facilitate or otherwise engage in arts and cultural activities, exhibitions, art fairs or conferences for the development of art appreciative culture in Singapore.


250% Tax Deduction
Individuals and corporate donors get an Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) tax break of 2.5 times the donation till 31st Dec 2018.

This is under the Public Art Tax Incentive Scheme (PATIS).

Our award-winning artists can be commissioned to work with you to donate sculptures or work of art for public display.

National Heritage Board will assess the value of the donated sculptures or public art.


  1. Donation of money or services given towards the installation or maintenance of the sculptures or work of art for public display;
  2. Donation of a sculpture to an approved recipient for indoor public display; and
  3. Public art works which are two or three dimensional with artistic and or heritage merits as desired by NHB.

Contact us for more details.